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As a service of Tendril Kinetics, Emily Hodos is available to come to your community to offer short presentations, day-long and multi-day presentations and training focused on the theory and application of neurodevelopmental movement for home, school, and service-based settings.

Tendril Kinetics provides customized, experiential presentations based on the specific interests and needs of the hosting group and participants.

Presentations may focus on a wide range of topics including:

   attention and management in the classroom
   using neuromovement techniques at home
   neurofitness for the maturing brain
   calming and self-regulation for children and parents
   healthy brain-body development for infants and toddlers
   neuromovement for special needs

Since 2009, Emily has presented at schools, special needs services organizations, dance programs, conferences, support groups, senior facilities, and more. Participants have included: teachers, parents, allied health professionals, social workers, movement educators, school administrators, aging adults and those with brain injuries and neurodegenerative challenges.

Past clients have included...

Service Programs
ServiceNet REACH Autism Specialty Services
Boston Ballet
Child Success Center
The United ARC
Pioneer Valley Brain Injury Support Group

Educational Programs
Northampton Public Schools
Academy of Early Learning (Greenfield Public Schools)
Chicopee Public Schools
Mohawk Trail & Hawlemont Regional School District
New England Hebrew Academy
YMCA of Greater Springfield Learning Centers
Valley Opportunity Council Early Education
Mount Holyoke College - Five Colleges Dance Department
University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Department of Education

MTA Summer Conference
Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress Educators Forum
Preschool Enrichment Team
Notre Dame Seniors’ Health Fair
Collaborative for Educational Services Summer Academy
Camp Isabella Freedman
Windham Child Care Association Making Connections 
MEIC Annual Conference

And here are comments from participants...

“That was the best meeting last night - she’ll have to come back... [a previous presenter] was only information, while Emily was both information and actual practice. That puts her in first place in my book” 
Brain injury support group participant

“I found Emily to be a dynamic and effective teacher. She was clear, direct and compassionate. I also felt the material was incredibly intriguing and would be a natural tool to enhance the classroom for all children”
Special Needs Teacher, Integrated Preschool Program, Northampton Public Schools

“Emily Hodos is a master at offering engaging and informative workshops! She was able to keep a diverse group of educators moving and interacting for 5 hours with nary a glance at the clock! They were all very excited to try out the Brain Gym concepts with their students.”
Kim Audette, Professional Development Coordinator & Academic Advisor, Greenfield Community College

“Emily is fun, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. She made learning engaging and accessible and helped our staff learn practical ways to apply a neurodevelopmental framework to our movement and dance instruction.”
Portia Abernathy, Manager of Special Needs Programming, Boston Ballet

“Entire workshop was well presented... I enjoyed... a great speaker! Very new material, (that’s saying something after 20+ years of doing this) Wahoo! Wonderful!”
Preschool Teacher, Participant at day-long conference training

“’s worth the time spent to be there. So many times we give up a day or afternoon to trainings that are ‘fluff.’ This definitely had content that teachers could sink our teeth into.” 
Shawn Tobin, Lead Teacher, Head Start, Community Action, Northampton

If you are interested in hiring Tendril Kinetics to lead training or speak at an event in your community, please contact us at:

413.588.7896   or    info [at]
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